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How I See Death (A Poem) by Fizza Younis

When I think of death, I feel alive

Death isn't something to be afraid of

It's something inevitable and fighting it is futile

Thinking about it is a little strange at my age

But not thinking about it would be even stranger

Because when has death cared about the years

It can come to anyone at any time

We must be vigilant and stay prepared

Don't let it surprise you

Don't let it deprive you of the joys of your life

It is inevitable, that much is true

It is the unknown, fearing it may seem natural

But when you live the way you have

How bad could death really be?

It might even be better

Death is your friend, only if you'd see

Surrender to it and it will take care of you

Go willingly and it will lead you to someplace safe

Don't make a fuss

Life has no right to be better than death

It's just the other side of the same coin

Death is a beauty, nothing to fear

Some even wait for it to appear

Some hope it comes sooner, to some of us

It is very, very dear!


© 2019, Fizza Younis. All Rights Reserved.

Source: http://iambookseater.wordpress.com