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Stood Divided (Two-Nation Theory) by Fizza Younis


The night was dark and it was dreary,

Walking through the mist,

The stranger was weary.

He didn't know what the next day might bring,

He was witnessing something historic,

Written in blood, a song his soul would sing.

The day that left many in an utter mess,

What future might hold,

Was anyone's guess.

But one thing was for sure and then some,

All the things that led them to this point,

Would be talked about for years to come.

They were free, at last,

The stranger mused, taking with him,

The wounds he endured in the past.

There was hope for the story untold,

But there was dread too,

For what might unfold.

Between the pages of history,

The truth might be lost,

Somethings might remain forever a mystery.

A nation stood divided that day,

It was true, the freedom was theirs,

But a hefty price they had to pay.

'One' would now become a 'two,'

As he walked into the dark, towards the unknown,

Wondering of the past and the things he knew.

To make his mark, with freedom gained,

And it was all that mattered the most,

The fact that both the nations remained...


Note: This poem is entered in the 'history-retold-2018' competition at Commaful.com. If you are able to then kindly comment or like my story there because that will count as votes. Thank you!

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