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Unbound: Book one of the Alderash Series by Tanya L. Harris

Unbound: Book one of the Alderash Series


Growing up in Colorado Katie always knew she was different. She has unique abilities to see and understand the aura of colors depicting a person’s emotions and intentions. She knows that whatever gave her the ability to see auras also created the plaguing of visions from otherworldly places.

After the death of her adopted parents, Katie tries to live a normal a life. A life that is shattered when she is attacked by a monster that unleashes an unknown magic within her. Her reality is further altered when the warrior from her visions emerges from another dimension. Now hunted by the monsters, she must flee to a new world far beyond her imagination. There she is thrust into a realm of secrets, magic, and ultimate power.


Katie’s arrival in the new world creates chaos among the reigning powers. She must learn the secrets that surround her and harness the magic within her or she will not be ready to fight the rising darkness. If she can’t fight it, all will be lost.


Wow! This story was nothing that I expected and so much better than I hoped. First of all, I must say that Katie's character is amazing, I loved that she is no damsel in distress. Secondly, it's very well-written. As soon as I started the book and simply wanted to keep reading, and I have to tell you that doesn't happen often these days. So, it really had me intrigued and I loved that. Lastly, the story itself is pretty good. It's fantastical and mysterious. I think that it's a must-read for fantasy fans.


Katie tries to live a normal life but in her heart, she knows that might not be a possibility for her. Her adoptive parents knew something but they never told her. She has no idea who she really is or where she came from. She only knows that she can see things and feel things that are not completely normal. She did spend some time in a psych ward after her adoptive parents died. Maybe her head is messed up or maybe there is more to this story than she knows.


Overall, I believe that it was a great read. It has all the ingredients of a good fantasy romance novel and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The ending was unexpected for me and now I can't wait to read more!

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book for which I'd like to thank the author.


Source: http://mineofbooks.blogspot.com/2018/11/review-unbound-book-one-of-alderash.html