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Matched - Jamie Farrell It is fun and romantic read. I loved Lindsey and Will's story. Lindsay has a gift which has always made her feel like a freak, it alienated her from her friend. She can tell when a couple is a bad or good match. But regardless of that she chose to be a divorce attorney. She doesn't think that she owe anyone explanation, her reasons to choose this carrier are her own.
Will is a country music star. He is famous but he hasn't found a girl who is interested only in him and not his fame. Lindsey is the one who broke his heart a long time ago and maybe broke him as well. Yet here he is in her town looking for something, he doesn't even know what he is looking for. It just seems right to be around her after such a long time. This time he is older, wiser, and not letting her break his heart once again.
So once a long time ago they were a bad match but what about now? Has that changed or are they still a bad match?
This story is just amazing and now I can't wait to read the next book in this series.