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Remembrance - Michelle Madow 4.5 Stars
Remembrance is a story about reincarnation and true love. Elizabeth lives in a small town. She has a perfect boyfriend, Jeremy, everyone things that they are destined to be forever together. Her best friend Chelsea believes that too. Only Lizzie isn't so sure, as much as she likes Jeremy she can't imagine being with him in the long term. He is more interested in his sports than her. Lately their relationship hasn't been the same and Lizzie isn't sure how long she can be with him.

Drew is another reason why Lizzie feels like breaking up with Jeremy. Since the day she met him, she hasn't been able to stop thinking about him. For some reason it feels like she knows him. As if they have met before, and they belong with each other. At first she tries to ignore all this. Meanwhile Drew starts dating her best friend. But soon it all becomes too much to take quietly. She must find out why she is attracted to him and also if he feels the same way or not.

Drew tries his best to stay away from Lizzie. He knows nothing good will come out if they started dating. Whenever they are together things end badly. But he can't deny the fact that they belong together. May be this is their second chance, may be this time things will not end in tragedy. May be...

I liked this story and loved the characters. They're typical high school students worried about things like grades, friends, and love. Lizzie and Drew have great chemistry. I loved the romance between them. Story is very well-written. All in all it was worth the read.