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To the Fall

To the Fall - Prescott Lane 4.5 Stars
It's as emotional as Prescott Lane's books usually are, seriously that's what I love the most about them. There is so much angst and a little bit mystery involved as well. Since the moment I started the book I wanted to know what this bog secret is that Annie keeps wanting to talk about.... However, it's not really her story.

It's a story about a guy who is afraid of falling in love. His whole life is ruled by one rule i.e. just sex. He doesn't believe in relationships and he most definitely doesn't believe in happily-ever-afters. Little does he know that life is going to change pretty soon and he will realise how little control over it he actually had, most of it was just an illusion.

Sutton is the woman who comes into his life quite suddenly and simply refuses to play by his rules. She is as stubborn as he is, maybe even more, but that's a good thing. Although, she can't trust him unless he is willing to open up to her. She wants to know all there is to know about him and she won't be satisfied with anything less...

So it's their story, Pierce's and the woman who is going to protect his heart for him, because whether he likes it or not, she has it.

It's a very well-written novel. The only issue I had with it was how much Pierce talked and how little there was about Sutton. It was very difficult for me to connect with her as heroine, she seemed lacking in that department, perfect on her own but somehow not enough for Pierce; which did change at the end of the book, hence the 4.5 Stars. If not for that little detail it would've been a definite 5 Stars read. In any case, I did enjoy it a lot and would recommend to all readers, especially those who like emotional stories that are both tragic and happy at the same time.

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book.