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How to Tempt an Earl

How to Tempt an Earl - Tina Gabrielle 4.5/5 Stars
It's a lovely read which I enjoyed thoroughly. I loved both the main characters and found their encounters quite interesting. The story is fast paced and flows perfectly so it is a quick read.
All Miss Ashton wants is to save her father. He has developed a habit of gambling and the way he is going soon they won't have anything left to their names. She can't let that happen so it is up to her to do something before it's too late. With that thought in mind she visits the 'gaming hell' her father frequents. However, things don't go the way she had anticipated because the owner is a cad of worst sort and doesn't see anything wrong with gambling away one's inheritance.
Ian knows that Miss Ashton is misplacing the blame. If he refused her father admittance to his club he will only go some where else. The problem is not the gaming clubs but her father's own issues. And he needs to deal with them himself. No one else can stop him from ruining himself. But one thing is becoming clearer, Ian will definitely try to intervene simply because he is having a hard time saying know to Grace. She is a lady and he is an owner of gambling club, one thing she hates most, yet he is hoping to garner favor with her. Dare he hope or is there no happy ending for them both?
It's a great historical romance novel. I liked the story, it's well-written and keeps readers interested from the very beginning until the end. Definitely a must read for historical fiction's fans.
I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.