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One Night Wife

One Night Wife - Ainslie Paton This book started really well. I was quite interested in the story but it progressed it became boring to me. I couldn't connect with either character, I think there were a lot of emotional repetitions. Overall the book was focused way too much on the professional side than on the romantic side. However, the ending was interesting. So it has a good start and a good ending, with some boring parts in the middle.
Finley is desperately trying to find donors for her charity. That's how she meets Cal. He offers to help her in finding said donors. In return she has to help him in his business dealings. It all sounded pretty simple and straightforward to her. They pretend to be dating in front of bunch of rich people and talk them into giving them money. And well, it works too. Soon she has enough donations to start her charity work. Would could possibly go wrong?
Cal is a workaholic. His job is his life and Finley is a complication he doesn't need. It becomes more and more difficult for him to stay away from her. In the end he decides to go for it. After all they both love each other so they will make it work. Or so he thinks, but he is in for a surprise...
A good read, I'd recommend it to those who enjoy contemporary romance and don't mind workaholics. It has some really good moments and some cringe worthy scenes, all in all, it's an little above average read.