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Second Chance Ranch

Second Chance Ranch - Cindi Madsen The beginning was very captivating, it was one of those books which you start and just keep on reading. IT is a reflection on our hopes and dreams. It is a story of two people whose life didn't turn out to be the way they envisioned. But in the end they realise; it wasn't such a bad thing after all. Sometimes what destiny has in store for us is better than what we wanted. I also liked the idea of "Second Chance Ranch." And it fits in the whole plot beautifully, capturing the true meaning of hope and love. I think the whole book is great and well written. It is a must read for those who are looking for second chances. But then aren't we all? ;)

Sadie had left her small town and the boy she loved to fulfill a dream that didn't happen. Now she is back. Not much has changed in her small town and it reminds her of all that she has missed. especially what she had with Royce. She still misses him but things had not ended well for them. On her very first day back she meets him and it is clear that he has still not forgiven her for leaving and breaking his heart.

Royce has no idea how to react. Clearly he is still a little bit in love with Sadie but he cannot forgive her. She had broken his heart and since then he hasn't been the same person. Now he has his ranch to think about. Nothing else seems more important than making it work. It was his father's dream and now his. As far as Sadie is concerned he will have nothing to do with her. That woman was, and most probably still is, trouble.

Then by luck he got to hire her to work on his ranch. Sadie needs a job desperately and he needs a woman employ just as desperately. So it works out for both of them. But the real problem is staying away from each other and overcoming intense attraction they both still feel.

I really enjoyed reading it and I hope everyone else do too. Happy reading everyone! :)