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Brushing Off the Boss: A Half Moon Bay Novel (Entangled Bliss)

Brushing Off the Boss: A Half Moon Bay Novel (Entangled Bliss) - Annie Seaton This was a great read. I loved both Sienna and Jack, their artistic personalities clashed with each other and made the whole story a fun read. I liked their passions and the way they acted. Sienna is feisty and prickly on the outside but in reality possess a soft heart. Jack seems to be irresponsible and without work ethics but in reality he is responsible and trustworthy.

They both had clicked at once and wanted to have a relationship but then they found out that they will be working together. The relationship was off the plate. Because Jack was Sienna's boss, also the man who ruined her plans for herself. Still both can't help but feel attracted to each other. It was not easy for them to ignore what they feel. But somehow they will have to get over it....

I also liked Sienna's twin's character. And the connection both sisters had, the way they could always tell when the other wasn't saying what she was actually feeling. It was really nice to read about. The plot was good and fairly entertaining. I gave this book a four stars only because in a few scenes dialogues felt a little off to me but otherwise it kept my interest and I liked it.