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Silvern - Christina L. Farley Silvern is a YA fantasy novel. It is book 2 in Gilded series. I have not read book 1 but still I was able to enjoy reading it. Although first few chapters did give me a little trouble. But I caught up with the plot soon enough. It is fairly entertaining and well written book.

Jae is can travel between spirit world and our world. Both worlds are parallel to each other and at specific points the veil between them is thin. This way spirits can enter our world too. Although they have very limited power in this world but still they can cause big trouble for Jae and her companions who are trying to find and restore White Tiger Orb.

Marc is not only Jae's boyfriend but a guardian as well. He has an ability to see spirits. Thus he is able to help Jae as much as possible. Michelle and Kang-dae are their friends who are also with them on this mission. The peace in world depends on their success. Kud is god of darkness and seeking the orb as well. He will try to do anything in his power to find it and use it against both worlds.

I liked it but there were somethings about the book that made me give it 4 Stars. Firstly it is too long, which is not necessarily a bad thing but I happen to be an impatient person so I prefer not-too-long novels. ;) Secondly, I haven't read book 1 so, as I said before, first few chapters were a struggle-to-understand-plot for me. Although I think I should not hold this against the book. :) By the way it ended in a way that will make you want to read book 3 as soon as possible. I will recommend it to all fantasy fans but suggest that you read book 1 first to have more fun reading it.

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