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At the Spy's Pleasure

At the Spy's Pleasure - Tina Gabrielle This is am exceptional read. Starting was captivating and ending was perfect. Although in the middle it seemed to drag for a while but overall it is good. Plot and characters are well written. I'd definitely recommend this book to all historical romance lovers.
Gareth Ramsey is a spy. He is supposed to be on a secret mission but Lady Jane Stanwell keeps distracting him. She is a widow in search of a lover, she seeks adventure and pleasure. Gareth is more than willing to fulfill Lady's desires but his duty is standing in the way. There is instant attraction between the two. But they are reluctant to trust each other. This book has it all, romance, intrigue, adventure and a little mystery. I really liked reading it.

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book for which I thank the publisher.