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The Woman Behind the Waterfall

The Woman Behind the Waterfall - Leonora Meriel It is a very unique story and with the power to draw readers in, making them forget about the world around them. As soon as I started reading this book nothing else existed for me. I simply couldn't put it down, so I recommend that you read it when you've enough spare time at hand.
It tells us a story of a little girl, Angela, who lives with her mother in the same house where her mother grew up. She has never met her father and is curious about his absence in their lives. However, she soon realizes that talking about him makes her mother upset. Sometimes she wonder if she the reason behind her mother's sadness. But slowly things are becoming clearer. Her mother, Lyuda, has many regrets but Angela is most definitely not one of them.
Sometimes story is told from different perspectives, but mostly it is Angela's story. How she sees the world, how she sees her mother, and we also sees her grandmother through her mind. These three women are the focus of this poetic narration. I must confess that I'm not much familiar with literary fiction, I think this is my third such book, but as far as I'm concerned it is quite well-written and intriguing story. I especially loved the mystical nature of it all. It makes one wonder about life and a lot small things which have big consequences.
It's a beautifully written novel, even though story is not anything unusual, but the way it is written most certainly is. I'd recommend it literary fans and anyone who is not afraid to read outside of their preferred genre.