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Paramnesia: The Deadish Chronicles

Paramnesia: The Deadish Chronicles - Brian  Wilkinson This is an epic read which I enjoyed thoroughly. It's well-written and has very interesting characters, I loved author's writing style; unique and a little quirky. It's a must read for YA paranormal fans.

Nora's story is quite tragic but at the same time it is also full of hope. Although, she loses her boyfriend, whom she loves immensely, however she also gains the ability to see, as well as, talk to the dead. And the dead never rests, unfortunately. At first she thinks she is going crazy. With little help she soon realizes that things are exactly as they seem to be and there is nothing wrong with her brain. Now the question is how she will deal with her knowledge of supernatural world, it not only exists but also poses a threat to her world.

I think this book is just perfect! The name and cover attracted me at first and I'm glad that I read it, because as far as I'm concerned this one is worth reading. It has sad moments and moments that will make you laugh-out-loud, not to mention few incredibly romantic moments that will keep you entertained.

P.S. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley.