Wednesday Wisdom

Life can be quite uncertain at times, but I feel that this uncertainty is the real beauty of life. Imagine if you always knew what's going to happen next then how would you feel? There won't be any surprises, good or bad, how boring things would get. So, unpredictability of our lives is what keeps things interesting. However, this is not the way most people fee, especially those who suffer from anxiety disorder or worry too much. On the surface, they feel that the unknown is haunting them. That's just a feeling, it's not true. Life would loose all it's charm, even for them, if they knew with certainty exactly what's going to happen.

I think that we should all just take deep breaths, step back, and enjoy little surprises that life throws at us. Although, many times things will end up messy, but remember... time will pass, good or bad, either way it will pass. Nothing in life is ever permanent. We may achieve what we want and we may lose what we already got. It is okay, it is also okay to feel anxious from time to time, as long as you don't stay focused on your anxieties and forget to enjoy life. Take charge, assess, change what you can, and accept what you cannot change. This is life and it's the only one you've got.